Loving greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!
Certainly we would like to extend our hearty gratitude of all you and your family done for the ministry of North India.
Every little help that you have done for us was greatly appreciated
With a humble heart, thanks again.  Because we are experiencing unique times. There is a Pandemic impact on all of us and our families. 
Due to this particularly in our church a couple of believers were affected but the Lord delivered them by His healing power.
Praise God!!!!!
Not only that, while locked down the Lord opened a door to supply some grocery and rice for our church believers. all of our believers since believers daily wages laborer they had lost their jobs and struggled to survey.  Praise God the Lord blessed the people of God through one of the organizations and helped out for our church believers and some local pastors through our church by supplementary  Hallelujah!!!!!
Now situation in the church:
We have reopened the church with two because people are less and cannot  accommodate all of them together  with social distance.
We also have Sunday school with many children and children from slums where we have day care centers.
Another issue is we cannot have anything openly so we are doing everything
New Believers in Church:: Lately I met a lady who was saying oracles to the public those are coming to her to know their fortune and worshiping Hindu gods and goddesses etc. In fact her husband passed away last year and she was so worried and her relative also said that she would die this year Nov.2021.
She is also affected by Tuberculosis  and her relative told her that she would die coming Nov.2021.  Please pray for her and she is also having a habit of drinking and smoking. Also God revealed to me that she is possessed by Goddess spirit.
Then I shared my testimony of how the Lord gave me life and turned all the curses into life and today I am alive and bring the Good News to many in the world. Amen !!!!! She was much surprised and I led her to repentance and confess her sins and to accept the Lord Jesus 4 weeks ago on Sunday night about 10.30 pm 
After she felt that Jesus forgiven all her sins she asked me what should be done with idols I stated that she must throw in the water by smashing all the bronze and silver idols and mud pots etc.
She emptied her prayer shelf and surroundings. Hallelujah!!!!
I emphasized salvation from Jesus is more important than anything like healing and other prosperity etc. Soul is vital rather than physical healing etc.
She has 3 young sons and they are like 12yrs 9yrs and 7 yrs.
2. Another couple approached us .  This couple been married 13 yrs and twice took abortion unexpectedly and then I helped them to know the Lord personally and explained of repentance and confession and accepting the Lord Jesus first they had taken it very seriously and accepted the Lord  last year March 20th night at 8,30 pm and they asked me what we must do with idols I said smash and throw them in the water. Praise God they did it very happily. In the church we all prayed for her to get conceived and she was conceived in September and probably between May or June her confinement will take place. Amen!!!!
Sunday School: We have restarted Sunday school for church and slum children to take a part to learn the scriptures. 
Still the economy has gone very low and most of them are unemployed and some got jobs.
By His grace things going slowly here in our place.  
Achievement:  There was a sister namely Ankoori She was paralyzed. She used to attend church though Hindu. After a few weeks of her attendance of the church she was so much convicted that she accepted Lord Jesus as her personal Savior. Last year she was so much that her spinal cord was affected very badly. Because of this she did not sleep nor able to eat well several weeks ago and during that time I used to regularly pray for God's strength to be stable and to be tolerant. Finally in the middle of December she told her husband and adopted son that if she died , her funeral should be done according to Christianity. So she died this Jan 2021 and we did funerals according to Christianity It was a great achievement to me since I started church in 1994 because there were a number of believers. Those households were not Christians, did Hindu funerals though I talked with them to do burial according to Christianity.. Thank God that Mrs.Ankoori's funeral was done by burial rather than cremation. During the funeral I preached openly to know the Lord and Salvation to her relatives and friends.
Praise God!!!! 
I am much happy that somehow I preached the Way of Salvation through Jesus Christ ONLY.
Prayer requests:
1. Pray for God protection upon the believers.
2.God's provision to our unemployment believers.
3.Church needs: 1.Carpets, 2.Mics, 3.slum children centers needs stationary, carpet and food stuff etc.
Special Note:              
Maloya Prayer House is growing in this crisis There are five hindi converts coming to church regularly. Please pray for their baptism soon. 
There is a couple Hindus lady had twice abortion and now again conceived and now she is 4 months This couple last year I met and shared my testimony and they came to the Lord during lock down. Since then they are so regular for church attendance after reopened the church. And now they are so strong. Please pray for their baptism. Husband's name is Raj Kumar and his wife's name is Sumitra. 
There is another strong Hindu lady who lost her husband a few months ago due to Cancer. She used to tell oracles and worship different deities. I happened to meet one of our church believers who introduced this lady. That day was Sunday 9pm. And I shared my testimony and the very night accepted Jesus Christ and next day she removed all the idols and other related stuff . Hallelujah Her name is Neeru. She is having three young boys. Please pray for her and kids and their spiritual growth. 
There is another sister who came to the Lord 20 years ago though her family is still Hindus. Her second son lately committed suicide due to domestic problems. His funeral went as hindu custom but she did not take any part of hindu ritual though was pressurized to do so. Praise God The Lord protected from dirty deities. She went through several tension and torture still she is firmly remain in the Lord with great commitment. Now her older son Monu has been admitted in the hospital due to damage to Pancreas. I visit often to bring him to Christ. I also shared the Word of God and told him to repent and accept the Lord. I found on my last visit yesterday he accepted the Lord. Please pray for complete healing and save his family. 
Please pray for all these people to grow in the Lord. There are some believers that have lost their jobs. 
Please pray for my health and family and needs.




NEEDS OF MINISTRY:  support for two teachers of day care centre and 3 church planters and  van and carpets, fans (6) and chairs.  Philp.4:19.  

Therefore please pray for more workers and souls to be saved.