ABOUT INDIA: The Republic of India is a country of extreme contrasts.  As the second most populated country in the world, many of its people live on the street in near starvation in overcrowded cities even though India’s economy is booming due to meeting the worldwide technology demands. Children still are poor and orphans primarily because of the extreme economic disadvantages of their birth family or the social stigma of single parenthood  

Population of India is 1.28 billion
Bangkok: India on Monday said that with continuous and concerted efforts, people living below poverty line will be down to 26.7 percent by 2015, but improving sanitation facilities in the country still remains a challenge. (News 

Poverty - 26.7%
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The government of India is passed anti-christian law and none can be converted any more instead there were 15000 christians by force reconverted in to Hinduism and Sikhism 
From 2000 until 2010 1,93,000 christians were killed for their faith.
There were many churches demolished and pastors been arrested due to open preaching. 


In 2011, more children under the age of five died in India than anywhere else in the world. That’s 1.7 million children – over 4,650 child deaths a day – according to a new report by the United Nation’s Children’s Fund.


Poverty is the prime cause of the streeet children crisis. Children from well  off families do not need to work or beg.  They live in houses and eat well and go to school, and are likely to be healthy and emotionallly secure.

Vision: To spread the Gospel and plant the churches by reaching

remote villages and slums and in and around the North India

Aim: 100 churches and 30 missionaries to raise in and around North India in 2025

Mission: Church Planting and Children Ministry - Orphanage, Day Care and Sunday School and VBS
Goal: 2000 adults and 4000 children and 4 day care centers to be estblished in 2021.

About Maloya:

Population of Maloya :More than 67,000 
Spiritual Status: 
1.Hindu Temples- 15,  
2. Sikh Gurudwara -5 
4.Christian Church one.( Maloya Prayer House that we established now)
Formation of Colony: In 1990 Chandigarh Government has made a policy to help underprivileged people to get some small houses for those are living streets and unauthorized lands of Chandigarh.  Mostly these people have been migrated from other states due to employment and to livelihood.  Of course Govt. has built a room with toilet and electricity and water with minimum rates of Rs.100/ per month till 25 yrs. mostly they are employed as temporarily in repairing roads by the Public Works Departments and pulling rickshaws.  Govt. has provided these houses under the condition of one should not sale it nor purchase it but people knowingly did it due to going back home state and reason of poverty.


1.To provide facilities of education to poor children 

Day Care Center: This center has been established with a couple of reasons like to provide facilities for poor children to have a one meal those are left behind after the parents goes for work and some of them are street children those are not having education and rebellions of their parents and some of them are dropped from school due to financial constrains.  So even now we have many children are awaiting to join this center for help but since we have no provision and facilities we are not able to take care of them. At present we have got 40 children and around We do the service for them by faith .Another reason in North India we are allowed to reach the souls directly so we reach them now through these parents with Gospel.  Praise so far the Lord helped us to reach some for His Kingdom.  Amen!!! The need is great but OUR GREAT GOD IS MORE GREAT THAN NEEDS WHO SUPPLIES AND SUSTAINS FOR HIS KINGDOM SAKE.  
We need you contribution if you wish to do some or at least we shall appreciate you and your reward would be great in heaven .  And your contribution would make great difference in the life of these poor children.

James 1:27

 27Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. 

2.Conduct VBS

3.Church Planting

4.Help the widows and orphans

5.Conduct the seminars


7.Track distributions

8.Medical assistance for poor people (community) 


Here in this village there was great confusion like regional problems South and North and they do not want to face each other also.  After we started the ministry here and worshiping together in our congregation there was chaos between two regionals like they do not like to hear each other regional songs and not even to sit together. 

Then we had a lot of prayer and fasting and counseling to these people by giving the Word of God and the Lord touched their hearts and made them to realize that they are one body created by one Creator and God. Since then we had no problem. 

My wife and I became a bridge between the people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. The power of the devil was snatched by the Word of God. Eventually people became so friendly and feel as they are brothers and sisters in our church.. In the beginning we fasted a lot to solve this problem. Praise the Lord that He answered and rewarded the effort.. Community: One time the community was planning to conduct a Hindu festival by offering some thing for gods and goddess.  Before the they use to collect the money and other materials from the community by going each house. Each house  must offer anything for the festival.  As usual the our Christian brothers and sisters also had gone to collect for the festival but Christian brothers and sisters refused to give anything for idols so that thing made mad of them and called me at 11.30 pm  since I am a pastor of the church and they go to our church their in Maloya.  I went to their meetings immediately a man who was trying to beat me and said that you have converted number of our community people and they now denying to give any offering to our festival, you must teach them how to go along with community.  Then I slowly explained that our people (Christian) never worship idols that is why they or me cannot give any offering nor we part take any sort such festivals. Again they annoyed more and said we will kill you if you would come again to our community and teach the Bible, then continued that they would not invite your church people nor they will not have part of anything with community. I stated that is nice our church will take care of every thing. our Lord Jesus can do best for His children It was 1.30 am and finished that meeting.

The very next day they had plan of kill me and my family communicated by one of the believer.  That day unexpectedly I was about to go out and felt that I need to lock the door by keeping family inside of the house and I did it and gone out.  A  group of people came to our house and found they locked door, assumed that we were gone out.  the neighbors and other people saw that and said that a group of people knocking your door very strange way and it was so much shock to all of us.

Praise God they could not touch us because we understood that we are covered and under the Blood of Jesus.  But we continued our ministry amidst of all our troubles and trials physically and spiritually and financially. 

Abortion: It is one of the evils prevailed among the ladies here in our location. There is a woman namely Mrs.Santhos who came to the Lord from Sikh background and she became strong believer of the Christ, her husband and still two children were remain the same religion.  With a lot of opposition in the family and relatives she was regular attending worship with good spirit.  Praise God she had children about 13 yrs a girl and 16 yrs boy but unexpectedly she was again conceived.Her son and her husband was showing a lot of opposition to bring forth a baby in other words both of them are advising her to go for abortion. She brought this case to me and my wife we counseled her to have faith on Jesus who can change the situation and you would have baby sure and certain and doing abortion is sin (Ps.139) she was so much convinced and convicted.  All three of us prayed with fasting to change the mind of sister Santos husband and her son.  By His grace the Lord changed their mind after long struggle and she had given twin babies Praise God .  Now they had four children but what happened older son who was 16 yrs was died suddenly due to some physical problem and her 13yrs a girl who also died because of stomach problem.  But the two children who were twins living with their parents healthy. Praise God!!! is it not God's Plan for her life!!!!! God predestined everything!!!!!!!!!

Deliverance:  1.Demon Possess :  There are 5 women and men has been delivered from demon possessing. Their families are Christians today.

2. AlcoholicsThere are men delivered from alcoholism, drugs and smoking

3.Prostitution: Some of the ladies have been delivered from prostitution. 

Baptisms: Previously we used to go to a agriculture field and give baptism openly.. Then we found a lot of opposition. A report was submitted to theChandigarh Government and said that we should not give baptism. But now we have a tank within our church.

Training : One among young converts in our church  there were three young boys and one girl became missionaries in North India now.  Apart from our church missionaries there were 47 young boys had been trained by me and my wife to be a missionaries in their own state .  Praise God!!!!! 

This is the testimony of how the Lord wrought His miracle power in the life and ministry of my wife and I!  


In 1993 we started our ministry in Maloya village - We had to walk 18 Kms  every day to get there  from our home.  One Sunday as usual we walked towards village and slum Maloya along with carrying our 6 month older son Frank on our lap. We had to leave our house at 7am  so that we can reach nearly 10 am for worship the Lord since we had no transportation of our own.   

When we arrived at Maloya  discovered that the house we had hired was empty- not a single person was there! We spread out a carpet and went on our knees to  pray, worshiped and sang songs to the Lord. I began to share from the Word as if there were more people there than just my wife and six month old son, Frank . We put our offering into the offering box. After the service we were preparing to return home.

We hadn’t eat or drink all day so we decided to reach home soon and prepare some rice and pulse.  It was hot summer our son was getting restless so we decided to take a cycle rickshaw (three wheeler). Generally  rickshaw puller charge Rupees 20/- to reach our residencial area (Sector 44c from Maloya  but by faith we asked one rickshaw puller how much it would cost to bring us to home sector 44c from Maloya village and he asked for only Rupees 8/-. (012 cents (US $) in 1993!  This was exactly what we had in our hands! We were so surprised we asked the Rickshaw puller three times but He said , Yes sir every time. Again,  it was shocking and surprising to us and we praised God when he brought us to home for Rs.8 instead of Rs.20.  Praise the Lord!!!! It was first miracle that he did in our ministry. 

Is He is not our God who turns minds and hearts of people and situation  when we put faith on Him!!!!!!   Phil 4:19  Prov.21:1

Second Miracle: About Gas( Petrol)

By Gods grace after one year I was able to get a scooter for my family and ministry. On one occasion there was a brother from Kenya who worshiped with us who invited me to go his house for prayer after Sunday worship. He had asked me to be there for exactly 5 pm and so after a couple of hours rest I started the journey. However, One and a half km into my journey my scooter got stuck in the mud and stopped! 
Then I checked the engine- it seemed fine but the starter just would not start. I checked the gas (Petrol) and the tank was empty but I had no money at all. So in the very spot where my scooter had stopped I began to Praise the Lord and ask him for a miracle . All of a sudden there was another brother from Kenya who was coming to my house to see me for prayer and fellowship and he asked me why I was stopped there. 
Before I could answer he said that he came to spend time in prayer and fellowshipping with me and my family so I told him to come in a couple of hours. He said s he was not in hurry and that prayer and fellowship was not the main reason for his visit and that he wanted to give me a small gift.
He handed it over to me as an envelope and asked me to pray for the gift and for him. Right there on road I prayed for him and gone back to his home. Then I opened the envelop and saw Rs.500/ ( appx 9$ USA)- wow!!!! I began praising God and took the money to gas (Petrol pump) station only 15 minutes away. I got enough gas and went to that brother's house and had prayer with him and he blessed me abundantly. I was praising God and thanking him! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!
Our God sees through !!!!!!! 
She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: "You are the God who sees me," for she said, "I have now seen the One who sees me." Gen.16:13

Jesus is the only Great Deliverer

Jesus is the only Great Deliverer and Saviour

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit--fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. John 15:16

There was a woman named Muniyamma, who had been possessed by goddesses (demons) and used to tell oracles in Maloya where our church is located. 
While we were ministering the Word and distributing tracts around her house, we saw her and talked with her sharing our testimonies. After a month she came to our church asking us to pray for healing of her stomach pain. Then my wife Daisy and I started praying for her, instantly she fell down on the floor, screaming, and rolling all over the floor in the church, she was un-conscience. No one could control her for one hour, we kept praying, then she came to conscious and we kept proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and said that she should deny the gods and goddesses and repent and confess her sins and accept the Lord Jesus as her personal Saviour. Because she had such a great reputation in the village for speaking oracles she denied to accept Christ. We prayed and fasted for her a week and more. 
After a month again she started coming regularly to church but had not been delivered from demon possession. 
As we were again praying for her, in the church, she went into a fit falling down and rolling around breaking things as her body flung about. The congregation started praying with us to seek deliverance of her from demon possession.

After one month the Lord Jesus set her free completely from the possession. Praise the Lord! 
Since her family is very big like 9 people they tried to prevent her from getting into church but they allowed her to church people to visit and even pastor to conduct the meetings in her home.

One fine day she was cooking a meal for her family, 8 children and her husband. It was about 8 pm, she had cooked rice and other side dishes. She started serving food to the children and husband. Her husband found a tail of Lizard in the last handful of rice and another one found the head of that Lizard. They were all fearful as this Lizard was deadly poison! Everyone became scared; would they live or die? This was question in their minds with full of fear of death. Muniyamma asked the family to call the
Pastor to pray for them and after a long discussion; they called at 11:15 pm. She called me I rushed along with Daisy and my older son (Frank) to their house midnight. It was with great joy to see them welcome us in their house. They explained the Lizard problem in their food and they were under great fear of death!
It was a wonderful situation for us to tell the Gospel to them and encouraged them to trust the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.
Immediately the family said that if the Lord gives them life surely they will become His children and they would denounce other gods and goddess. We prayed and pleaded to our Lord Jesus Christ for their lives to be safe.
The next day they all visited our bible study and they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This miracle opened the door to her village so the Gospel of Jesus Christ could be preached. This showed all the neighbors of Muniamma how Jesus is all powerful and the only Living God!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!!!!!

Jesus is The Creator

In 1995 me and my wife used to go door to door evangelism by giving tracks out . Like this we had visited about 4000 houses at Maloya slum and village in two years.  During our visit there was man named by  Mr. Kandasamy who was in Hindu faith and never gone to church nor wished also.  We met him in a tea stall where he was working and we had some snacks and slowly me and my wife asked where he was staying etc. Then we introduced to him as a full time Christian ministers and missionaries from South India. He was showed little interest of getting to know each other and then we started every time to go his tea stall and we slowly shared our testimony then he invited us to visit him and his family. Then we have strong intervention of showing love and care for their family and slowly he said that his wife is suffering with black scars in her face since long time although consulted many doctors and dermatologists still it was remained and spread everywhere in her face. Mrs. Kandasamy was so sad and fed up of all her efforts had been failed and financially broken due to spent for doctors.  Then we went through another level of helping them to come to Jesus with faith who can change anything in this world if we BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH ON HIM AND HE IS SOLUTION OF ANY PROBLEM THAT WE HAVE IN THIS WORLD. It helped them to trust Jesus and we prayed coconut oil and asked her to apply it every day then in a week time it was totally disappeared Praise the Lord then entire family had been came to the Lord and about six members baptized in water.  Praise the Lord!!!!!  



If you are led by the Spirit of the Lord you may call us to give anything for this ministry and it will be highly appreciated as well.

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Yours in His Missions,

Jagan and Daisy Mohan

Founders and President

Matthew 19:13-15 13 Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked the people; 14 but Jesus said, "Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven." 15 And he laid his hands on them and went away.